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Tangy Chived Potatoes

I don’t like anything white and creamy.  (Get your minds out of the gutters.)
That includes mayonnaise (the devil’s jizz), cottage cheese, plain yogurt and of course, sour cream.
However, if disguised properly I WILL actually eat sour cream.  I really enjoy the tangy flavor it gives to savory dishes and the moist level it brings to desserts.  But for the love of God, don’t let me see it.  I will gag and it’s just a total overreaction that people stare at me for.
My kid loves mashed potatoes.  I gotta be honest, I get sick of regular mashed potatoes.  I wanted to do something different and to bump up the flavor. 
I was not disappointed and neither will you be.  These mashed potatoes are level AWESOME.  You might even replace your regular mashed potatoes from now on.  Trust me, I’m fat.  
Tangy Chived Potatoes
Serves:  4-6 Prep Time:  5 minutes Cook Time:  20 minutes

3 pounds red potatoes (I kept skin on) 1 TBSP of salt – for boiling potatoes 1/3 cup sour cream  ½ cup or 1 stick salted…

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